Dubai Nursery Schools – 5 Areas of Child Development

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1. Social-Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development involves a child learning how to understand their own and others feelings. They must learn to regulate and express their emotions appropriately and build relationships with their peers. Being part of a group of children and interacting with them is an important aspect in a child’s development.

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2. Physical Development

Physical development includes children’s gross and fine motor skills. Balance, coordination and travelling are all part of gross motor development. Children must learn to control their bodies in every aspect of movement. They also need to understand what foods are good for their bodies and how certain foods help them to grow.

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3. Language Development

Language development is the key to establishing and maintaining relationships with adults and other children. It is children’s desire to communicate their thoughts, ideas, needs and feelings which motivate them to use language. A child also has to learn the structure and sequence of speech, sounds, vocabulary, grammar and the rules of polite, appropriate and effective conversation.

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4. Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is also referred to as intellectual development is influenced by a child’s approaches to learning as well as his or her biological make up and the environment. A child’s acquisition of knowledge will affect the way it thinks and it is important that a child learns to develop a positive approach to learning.

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5. Literacy

The early years in a child’s life is crucial for Literacy Development. Literacy learning begins at birth and children should be exposed to books as soon as they can recognize the colors on a page. Reading aloud to children appears to be one of the most important activities for building the understanding and skills needed for reading success.

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